Bootstrap Business Development

Taking steps to build your business

What BBD Can Do For Your Biz

Bootstrap Business Development  is literally born out of the idea of building a business out of nothing – or very little.  It is the way I’m building this business – and it is the way I will help you build yours.

Prior to launching Bootstrap Business Development, I spent happy and productive years working as Senior VP with a local Chamber of Commerce (if you don’t belong to yours, go to their website and join now, I’ll wait).

At Bootstrap Business Development I’ve put the things I both enjoy and do best together—creating, teaching, writing, and helping local small businesses prosper. I understand the unique challenges small businesses face as well as how to identify and leverage opportunities to build and grow your small business.

Bootstrap Business Development is in the business of providing sole proprietors/small business/non-profit organizations services they do not have time to do for themselves or do not have the resources to hire a “Big Gun” consultant.

But you don’t need a Big Gun right now.  What you need is a straight shooter.  You need Bootstrap Business Development.

A little research on the internet, along with my own professional experience, tells me that many small businesses don’t:

  • Have a written Strategic Plan (meaning they have no real idea of their mission, vision, values, strengths, opportunities, threats, weaknesses)
  • No written Business, Marketing, or Operational plans (no real idea of what they are doing/if it is working/whether their customer/client is satisfied with their product or service; etc)


Surprisingly, many businesses do not have a website or, if they do, it is all too often poorly designed with unproductive content

What keeps small businesses and organizations from instituting best practices that drive success?

That’s easy: Time and Money

You research putting a business plan together…

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Company Background
  • Marketing/Management/Operations Plans
  • Competitor, SWOT, Market Analysis
  • Financials
  • Milestones, Timeline


You back away – there are calls to make, inventory to take, sales to close…

…can’t afford to hire an expert to conduct complex analysis and research, so…

…off you go without a clue (oh, I mean a plan).

Consider this:

While it would be BEST to have an expert deliver the whole enchilada – it is completely possible for you to do what I call “MYOB” (Mind Your Own Business.)

My name is Annie Kile.  I created Bootstrap Business Development to help you MYOB.   Contact me today.


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