Bootstrap Business Development

Taking steps to build your business

Services and Pricing

Here is a listing of the services I can provide your business.  Pricing listed below are for usual and customary scope of work (scope agreed to and contracted prior to start of work) if a larger scope is required, pricing will be negotiated according to the depth and breadth of the project.

  • Website Creation (Basic WordPress templates) & Content Writing
  • Blog Content
  • Article Writing
  • Newsletter Content
  • “Virtual” Strategic Planning; Facilitation; Documentation; Follow-up
  • Onsite Strategic Planning; Facilitation; Documentation; Follow-up
  • Basic Business, Operational, Action and Marketing Plans
  • Not-for-Profit Board Effectiveness/Development

You’re Bootstrapping – But Quality is Critical

qualityBefore we get into pricing, let’s engage in some straight talk.

If you’ve been using or a similar service you might be thinking “Hey, I’m a Bootstrapper!  Where are those $2 to $10 posts and articles?

The first thing I’m going to do to help you build your business is point out the return on your investing a few lousy bucks per post  is rarely, if ever, going to be more than what you paid.  How many times have YOU clicked out of a website or Facebook page based on the poor quality of its content?

Content must be meaningful and useful to your targeted market.  Content must be of value to your customers and clients – after all, the very reason you are provding this content is to convince your prospects, customers, and clients that doing business with you – giving you their money (or donations if you are a not-for-profit) is to convince them that when they give you their money your business will be of use to them and bring them meaningful value.

I don’t “spin” or create “fluff.” Low or  no quality content is sure to backfire – it must be designed and crafted to establish the credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness of your business in order to engage, attract, and retain business.

I provide  you with high-caliber, professional grade content and services of true use and meaningful value to your business (and your customers and clients) at an affordable price point.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding – so be sure to check out my portfolio.


Blog Posts

Posts average 700 words.  Sometimes 500, sometimes 1000+.  Depends on the subject.  All are researched using reliable resources.  Most include outbound links.

$20 per post for 4 post monthly bundle minimum 6 month contract.

$30 per individual post.

Article Writing

All are researched using reliable resources.  Articles require more in-depth research and/or crafting.  Most include outbound links.

$30 per page  for 4 article monthly bundle minimum 6 month contract.

White Papers

White Papers are an important tactic to build credibility and establish expert status for you and your business.  If you call something a white paper that doesn’t meet that criteria you achieve the opposite:  you lose credibility and trust.  This takes much more time than writing a post or an article.

$50 per page – $250 minimum

Basic 3 Page Website Creation/Design/Content Writing

$100 – $300 per page depending on scope of work.  A basic website consists of a Welcome, About, and Contact page. Graphics/photographs to be provided to BBD by the client, up to 3 per page.  A minimum additional charge of $20 per any graphics / photographs provided to the client by BBD.

“Virtual” Strategic Planning Facilitation

Pre-work, Facilitation, Documentation:  $2000

Onsite Strategic Planning Facilitation

Pre-work, Facilitation, Documentation:  $2500 (plus travel and accomodation)

I will always refer/require clients seek professional services from experts as needed or required by law, or if the required expertise is outside of BBD’s scope (i.e. legal, financial, technical).  Prices subject to change.

Contact me with any questions or inquiries regarding services or pricing.


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