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Meet Blog Formatting Guru Delia Rusu


A huge part of my mission at Bootstrap Business Development is sharing valuable resources with small business owners.  Today I’d like to introduce you to Delia Rusu.  I just “met” her today via Decisive Minds Ultimate Blog Challenge (BTW you should take Michele’s challenge on if you’re posting a blog.)

Delia is all about formatting your blog – and I love her tagline “Helping Women Bloggers Stay in The Genius Zone.”

While Delia’s focus is on formatting (she doesn’t ghost write or create content for clients) you’ll want to subscribe to her blog as her writing is as entertaining as it is informative (which is very meaningful to me as this is what I strive for as a content writer.)

In particular, I especially want to recommend her post “How to Set Up Categories and Tags for Your Blog” – she drills right down and is able to make what for many have found to be really difficult (and perhaps have read a few other posts that seemed to confirm that fear) very simple.


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