Bootstrap Business Development

Taking steps to build your business

Books of Interest to Bootstrappers

Bootstrappers are as unique as their individual businesses, available (or not available as the case may be) funds, and personalities.  Bootstrapping can mean anything from starting your business with nothing – to getting your act together to obtain venture capital – and everything in between.

However, one thing EVERY Bootstrapper has in common is the need to continuously learn more, to continuously improve their general fund of information.   In a sense, we will always be Bootstrappers even if we become the next Bill Gates of whatever industry or market we serve.  Bootstrappers are special people.  We’re going to start our business, and build that business – no matter what.  And we’ll take that attitude with us every step of the way.

There’s a saying “We stand on the shoulder’s of giants” – meaning that we learn from others.  And the best way to learn from others is to read.  If you’ve reviewed my website and read my blog posts (take a minute and go sign up “Sign Me Up” is just to your left — I promise you posts that are as entertaining as they are informative) you know I am absolutely passionate about helping you succeed.  I want to make a meaningful contribution to your success.

One way I am going to do that is by posting books related not only to Bootstrapping – but to what I call “MYOB” – the ability to “Mind Your Own Business.”

I started this venture today:  March 20, 2013.  Be sure to check back as I will be adding to these resources frequently.  Just hover over “Books of Interest to Bootstrappers” where you’ll find titles listed.  Click the title, and I’ll give you my take on the book from a Bootstrapper’s perspective.


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