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Business Sales: Three Common Sales Scenarios and How to Handle Them

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Many small biz owners whose products and/or services seemed to “sell themselves” pre-Great Recession are finding themselves on the short end of the experience stick when it comes to now necessary sales skills.  Follow this link to an article I wrote on the subject for Merchant Processing Resource’s Small Business Corner where I cover some very common sales scenarios and suggest some simple approaches to handling them successfully.

  • You’re not sure who you’re dealing with.
  • Your prospect doesn’t seem all that interested.
  • You aren’t sure how much time to spend on a prospect who seems interested in buying from you.
  • You don’t know how to tell if the prospect is blowing you off by asking for a proposal or if they are really interested in making a decision to buy from you.

#3 and #4 are closely related, so I stuck to “Three Common Sales Scenarios” – although I guess I could have used #3.1

Business SalesHere’s an excerpt:


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